Biography on Eli Verschleiser

Eli Verschleiser is a successful American real estate developer, financier, and investor in commercial properties. His projects are mainly on the East Coast of the United States, but he has worked on national business relationships too. His success is due to a wonderful ability in leadership which he has used on several projects. He’s worked both independently and through The Multi Group Companies. A true philanthropist, he has used his talent to help many charitable organizations. His insight in real estate and his charitable work have been featured in the Philadelphia Daily News, Bloomberg News, and The Jewish Week.

Verschleiser’s projects have had him working with numerous people and businesses. He worked with Donald Trump, including The Trump Tower Philadelphia among his projects. He has acquired land throughout Pennsylvania from Brandywine Realty Trust. In New York City, Verschleiser worked on a Tribeca neighborhood condominium conversion and bought 490 Bronx apartments. He was an advisor and financier for a New York City hotel in the Financial District, and he advised Waterton when purchasing 88 Leonard Street for $218 million. In addition, he assembled the team of developers who won a bid on the re-development of Florida’s Riviera Beach.

Verschleiser was the Chief Executive Officer of Multi Capital Group and is now chairman of The Multi Group Companies, having acquired the position in 2001. This group works to find financial solutions for their clients. He also founded United Realty in 2011, along with Jacob Frydman. Today he works as President and Treasurer of the business. United Realty works with commercial real estate through investments and advising.

Eli Verschleiser has shared his abilities with numerous charitable organizations throughout the years. He serves as treasurer for the American Jewish Congress. He has also done a lot of work with Our Place NY as an executive board member. Our Place offers counseling, shelter, and support to troubled youth. Verschleiser has raised thousands of dollars to support and educate the Jewish communities through this non-profit organization. He is on The Board of Advisors for Magenu, a group that educates children on personal safety. A board member of Brownstone as well, they sponsor New York City summer programs for out of state college students.

Eli Verschleiser is a successful person in both the real estate world and among several charitable groups. His leadership qualities have allowed him to help numerous people.


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